Saturday, June 2, 2012

Customized Random Quote Gadget

This Google Gadget will return quotes saved in a Google Documents spreadsheet.  There are options to return a random quote, go to the next or previous quote and search for a quote.

The gadget is easy to set up.  Use the following instructions.

  1. Create a new spreadsheet in Google Documents.
  2. Enter your quotes in the first column.  It should resemble the following:
  3. Click "File" and then "Rename".  Enter a name for the spreadsheet.  You can give it any name that you desire.
  4. Click "File" again.  Select to "Publish to the Web".
  5. Click "Start publishing".

  6. A message will appear in the text box.  It should resemble the following:

    It should resemble the following link:

  7. Copy the KEY from the text field.  The key is the long string of alphanumeric letters that follows "key=" and comes before "&output=html".  In the image above, the key is:


    This key will be used when the gadget is installed.
  8. To install the gadget, go the gadget's directory page.

  9. The gadget can be added to an iGoogle page by clicking on "Add it now".

  10. The gadget should now appear on the iGoogle page.  Click the settings icon (the gear and down arrow).  Click "Edit settings".
  11. Paste the key value copied from above into the revealed "Quote Sheet" field and then click "Save".

  12. If done correctly, the gadget should now contain quotes from the newly designated spreadsheet.
  13. In order to embed the gadget on a website, click "Webmaster tools" and then "Embed this gadget" on the directory page.

  14. After the page relocates, paste the copied key into the "Quote Sheet" and the click "Get Code".

  15. A text field will be populated with a script tag that will need to be pasted into the HTML of the desired webpage.

This gadget is not compatible with Gmail. At this time, Gmail does not allow users to set preferences.  Any installation would be stuck with the default spreadsheet.

A version does exist for Gmail. Click here for more information on the Gmail version.

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